Founder President
15/02/2010 20:44 - spncon
The College is dedicated to Late Sh. B.N Makkar a great philanthropist and founder of S.P.N Institutions whose futuristic vision started expanding its contours.

There are only a few souls in the world who think not of themselves but of others. They live and die for the service of the larger community. Late Sh. B.N. Makkar Ji was on of them. He dedicated his whole life to the cause of relieving the suffering of other, uplifting and awakening the people by providing them education. It seems that God had sent him into this world with a special mission and he fulfilled it before he breathed his last. He was a saintly character who could not bear to see anybody's woes.

About 35 years back, he found this ilaqua devoid of any good educational institution. So, he decided to set up a good school and succeeded in his mission. Started with a missionary spirit, the school is today one of the best schools of the area and catering well to the educational needs of the people. The sapling planted by him decades ago has today grown into a large tree spreading its shade and fragrance. Revered Makkar Ji then found that students of this ilaqua had to go to distant places for higher education. So, he took upon himself the arduous task of setting up an institution of higher learning in Mukerian. Once again, he succeeded in giving practical shape to his vision and succeeded in starting Swami Premanand Mahavidyalaya Mukerian. Today, it is a multi-faculty, (having arts, Science and Commerce streams) Co-educational, Post-Graduate institution which has started a number of other Job-oriented and professional courses as well. The great motivating spirit of Late Sh.Makkar Ji is working like a beacon light for the present management to take the college to newer heights of glory.

Late Sh. Makkar Ji was a blue-print of the great ideals of Swami Premanand Ji, one of the greatest saints of his time. He preached and practised the ideals of secularism, humanism and spiritual upliftment through the service of humanity. The utter lack of medical facilities in this area led Sh. Makkar Ji to decide to set  up a charitable hospital for the poor and the suffering of the ilaqua, when he was touching the age of seventy. Though weak in body and physical power, he possessed as strong a spirit and will power as he did in youth. He went from door to door and convinced people to donate liberally for this noble cause. Before leaving for his heavenly abode, he was successful in starting a 100 - bed Charitable Hospital in Mukerian, Called Swami Premanand Charitable Hospital.

Today  Sh. Makkar Ji is no more physically amongst us but spiritually, he is still alive. The torch of selfless service he lighted and held aloft all his life, is being carried further by the present management of the hospital. Guided by the vision and noble ideals of Late Sh. Makkar Ji, the member of the social service, they have started S.P.N Institute of Para Medical Sciences and GNM School of Nursing in 2006, which is further promoted to SPN College of Nursing. These two institutes are going to be of great benefit and service to the people of Mukerian and adjoining areas. It is fervently hoped that under the astute leadership and wise governance of the present management, these two institutes as well as the institute founded by Late Sh. Makkar Ji will progress by leaps and bounds.